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Do you have a small/medium business and feel like you work for your computers, rather than having them work for you? Do they make things more complicated? Would you like to have your computers make your life easier and help you be more productive?

Custom FileMaker Databases

I am a database developer and Macintosh consultant with over 30 years of experience in building FileMaker systems for Mac, Windows, and mixed computing environments. Computers CAN make your life much easier, allowing you to spend more time on the core purpose of your business, rather than on repetitive data-organizing.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a powerful way to have your computers handle repetitive tasks, rather than forcing you to to the same thing over and over again. These tasks can include pulling information from the Internet into documents on your computer, modifying image files for websites or promotional materials, processing information from multiple sources into a single report, and much more.

macOS has very powerful tools included for free with the operating system, but it isn’t obvious how to begin using them. I can do one or both of two things to improve that: 1) design programs using AppleScript or other scripting languages that handle those tasks for you, or 2) teach you or one of your employees how to update and modify those scripts as your business needs change.

Macintosh Technical Support

I have been working with Macintosh systems for over 30 years, providing technical support to a wide variety of clients, both academic and business. If you need assistance installing new software, troubleshooting problems with existing software, understanding how something works, or installing new hardware, I can help.

Technology Purchase Evaluation

Do you know that you need new computers or software, but aren’t sure what is best for you? I can provide advice and assistance in evaluating what would be most cost-effective for your situation. There are many options, but it is important to realize the balance between the upfront price and the return on investment as you actually have to use what you’ve purchased.


Finally, I have experience teaching others what I know. I have worked with employees of clients to train them in how to make their own modifications to database systems, workflow scripts, and more. This often can be an advantage when the client requires frequent small changes, as it saves the time and money of  bringing in an outside programmer for minor changes.

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